Tips and Tricks for Your Next Move

Moving house is no easy feat. It is a laborious process that requires a lot of planning and a fair amount of patience. It’s much less taxing, of course, if you contract a moving company to do all of the work for you. But if you are the type of person who prefers to take care of things yourself, you’ll be glad to know that there is more than one way to smooth the process over.  

Preparing for the move

Start the moving process by making a list of everything that needs to go to the new house. Then use this list to calculate how many boxes you’ll need. It is inevitable that you will need more than you think, so add three to five boxes to the final number.
Once you have a total, set out to find boxes. They’re not hard to come by if you know where to look. Purchase tape, stickers and bubble wrap at the same time. You’ll need these to seal and mark boxes, and wrap household goods with. Again, buy more than you think you’ll need just to be safe.
The packing process

You want to start packing as soon as possible to save yourself time and effort on the day of the move. Begin with items that are seldom used. Examples of these would be extra televisions or radios, or spare bedding and clothing. As you near the move, you can start packing other items from the house. 
It’s a good idea to colour code and label boxes clearly. You can colour code per room – yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom and so forth – and do so quite easily by using coloured tape to seal boxes with. When labelling the boxes, write which room the box should go to and what is inside the box. The combination of these two tricks will ensure that each box ends up where it should be and it will also simplify the unpacking process – you won’t have to open all the boxes to establish what is where. 
Leave one box to pack essentials in – items you and your family will need on your first night in your new home. Think toiletries, towels, cutlery, condiments and cleaning supplies. Don’t load this box into the moving van; take it with you in your car.
To ensure that all your household items reach their new home safely, keep the following in mind:
  • Use more than one strip of packing tape to secure boxes. You want to use a minimum of two. Save yourself valuable time by investing in a tape dispenser.
  • Wrap smaller items, valuables and breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper before putting them in boxes. 
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of boxes; lighter pieces go on top. 
  • Don’t fill bigger boxes completely, or they’ll be too heavy to move. 

At the new house

Start the unpacking process at your new home with the essentials box you brought with. Then move on to the boxes from the kitchen and bathroom. Leave the rooms you frequent least for last. You’re unlikely to miss items from these rooms on your first night. Rather tackle them the next day when you’re refreshed and ready to go again. 

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