What to Know When Relocating Your Business

There are many reasons to relocate your business. Whether to reduce your overheads or because you’ve outgrown your current location, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure plain sailing for your big move.

Prepare for the costs involved

Even if you’re moving for more affordable rent, it helps to take a realistic look at how much relocating your business will cost you in total. Bear in mind that you may also need to spend more than usual on advertising and marketing so people know where to find you. Make sure you’re prepared financially for that.

Once you’ve moved it’s possible you may experience a dip in sales while you’re waiting for either your old clients to find you, or to develop a new client base. For that reason, have money saved away to get you through this period of adjustment.

Get the word out in advance

Don’t wait until you’ve moved to let people know your new location. Spread the word well in advance if you want to retain your client base. If you’re having a sale to move stock, let people know it’s because you’re moving. Offer on-going promotions and specials that will drive people to your new location. And of course leave details of where your business can be found even after you’ve made the move.

You can also start attracting attention in your soon-to-be location. Put up ‘coming soon’ flyers and signs, advertise specials, and anything else you can think of to pique interest.

Update your information

It’s not just your client base you need to inform of your new whereabouts. Make sure you also tell your bank, insurance providers, suppliers, vendors and government agencies that you have a new address. Follow up later and confirm that their information has been changed. Also update your details in any directories you might be listed in.

Get the right help on the big day

To minimise the stress involved in a big move, make sure you have the right help on your side, such as a good relocation company. Make sure you make your booking well in advance, and try to be flexible about your moving date, as you can often secure a better price for not moving on a busy day.

And of course, make sure you have the right packing material to get the job done right. Having the right tools and supplies can make all the difference in the world. That’s where Aeonpack can help you today.

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